Heritage Docks, Inc. is a family-owned and operated marine construction company specializing in customized docks and boatllift construction since 1967. The company is run by long-time Florida resident Val Grabowski who holds the marine contracting license. His unprecedented longevity in the industry is a result of unrivaled craftsmanship, an uncommon aesthetic eye, and a steadfast commitment to completing all projects on time and on budget. He uses his extensive knowledge and experience to expertly oversee every project until completion.     

The 3 Cs to Customer Satisfaction

There is a reason Heritage Docks, Inc. has an outstanding reputation for quality and customer service. Using the 3 C's on each project:      

  1. Conceptualization

                So, you want to build something. What do you have in mind?  Val will meet you onsite to determine the scope of your individual project. He’ll recommend the best materials and design options to suit your purpose, maintenance needs, and your budget. Next, he will supply you with drawings of your plan for your approval.  With more than 30 years in the industry, Val knows how to draw out a project plan to make sure every aspect is considered. The price and project timeline you sign off on are the price and project timeline Val honors. No surprises. No hidden costs. Just a well-conceptualized project plan that ensures a successful build and a very satisfied customer.          

  2. Construction

                A quality build hinges on quality materials and quality craftsmanship. With Heritage Docks, Inc. you can rest assured that you are getting both. We only use the highest grade materials and time-tested products from reliable vendors. We also only have one work crew that devotes its full attention to your project until the work is complete. They are all highly-skilled craftsmen who share Val’s ethic for not only building things that look good, but also for building things that last. In fact, we stand behind our work long after any conventional warranty has expired.  We’re that confident you’ll be pleased.         

  3. Code Compliance

                One of the most daunting parts of any construction project is properly pulling all necessary permits to ensure code compliance. Unlike other companies, we carefully and thoroughly handle all aspects of permitting for you in order to ensure that you are protected from any future compliance issues. Our outstanding reputation for 100% code compliance and environmental consciousness has garnered us positive relationships with all of the various permitting entities. So breathe easy. From your original application to the final inspection, we’ve got you covered.         

Ready to get started?  Feel free to explore the other sections of our website to get ideas for your project.  If you have question feel free to send us a message for a free consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.